Peeling potato

Quality Assured Potatoes

At Penalunas, we only choose the best quality and variety of potato according to the season, even if it means paying more, we’d rather guarantee great quality.

Our suppliers only use growers from grade one areas, who use certified seeds. This results in ever increasing quality.

All growers must operate within the Assured Produce Scheme standards, be APS registered and independently audited. This results in safe food with produce trace-ability, accountability and the safe use of herbicides and pesticides.

Our suppliers will also purchase potatoes throughout the European union to ensure you receive the best quality all year round. To date we have always used British Potatoes.

Quality Assurance

For every 27 tonne load of fresh potatoes that our suppliers collect from the farm, they do the following tests: 10kg samples from each load

Samples are then checked by two experienced fish fryers for
• peeling quality
• size
• fry quality
• taste and Texture

Only the best grades are supplied to us, any others are rejected and sent to other sectors of the potato industry.

Freshly cut potatoes
Freshly cooked chips


We wash, peel prepare our potatoes and cut our chips on site at Penaluna’s Famous Fish & Chips to ensure only the best chips are served to our customers.

We guarantee delicious, freshly cooked chips every time.